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As well as being an ICAO code for Forest Field aerodrome, NZFF is also an an acronym for the New Zealand Flightsim Forums.

This is a website dedicated for the use of kiwi flight simulator enthusiasts and serves as an online meeting place, where discussion on the virtual world of aviation in New Zealand is the first and foremost priority.

Here you may read and post information, reviews, questions, news, screenshots, tips, links and anything else relevant to flight simulation in NZ, and much more.

We also have other boards for real world aviation, with many of our members being enthusiasts of flight outside the virtual world of simulation too.

The main simulator on which all of the discussions here are focused on is Microsoft Flight Simulator X, but we also have a special "Other Flight Simulator Games" forum for any other different sim discussion. Please take this into account when deciding where to post your next message!

Please feel free to join us, there is no cost, and you hopefully should enjoy your time logged on, in an environment full of like minded virtual pilots. The forums are updated regularly, so remember to check back often for the latest gossip of what's hot down under in godzone!

Thanks for visiting,
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