NZFF Screenshot Competition Winners - Summary

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NZFF Screenshot Competition Winners - Summary

Postby Adamski » Mon Mar 26, 2018 4:20 pm

NZFF Screenshot Competition Winners
With various incarnations of forum software and/or image hosters, some of the original posts, banners or screenshots have been lost. Whatever is still available can be viewed via the links. In some cases (where no banner can be found) the winning screenshot is shown.

2006 (some data lost)EntriesSponsorBanner WinnerTheme
May 2006------Rick 66[No theme]
June 20064---Cirrusnature[No theme]
June 20064---Cirrusnature[No theme]
July 200611---Albatross[No theme]
August 200612---Albatross"Winter"
September 20069---Cbris"The Cook Straight"
October 200620Flight1Mentorman"Vintage aircraft"
November 200620CarenadoJonARNZ"Sunsets"
December 200616Red Baron Ent.Ian Warren"Scary situations"

2007EntriesSponsorBanner WinnerTheme
January 200719Flight1Charl"Military"
February 200723CarenadoJonARNZ"High 'n' Fast"
March 200725RazbamJonARNZ"Rotating"
April 200716Captain SimIan Warren"Spitfire"
May 200728AerosoftTimmo"My home town"
June 200718AlphasimNaki"Default Aircraft"
July 200717CarenadoCreator2003"Grounded"
August 200724Red Baron Ent.Toprob"Terrain"
September 200717RealNZAlbatross[No theme]
October 200710CarenadoToprob"Something out of the ordinary"
November 200721Flight1Charl"Mean machines"
December 200713Carenadocreator2003"Dan's 737s"

2008 (some data lost)EntriesSponsorBanner WinnerTheme
February 200816Vincent AviationAlbatrossVincent Aviation competition
March 200817AerosoftToprob"Mountains"
April 200813Fly TampaNZ255"Topdressing"
May 200827Flight ExperienceCharl"On finals"
June 200823Carenadocirrusnature"Wild weather"
July 200816Flight1creator2003"A day in the life of ..."
August 200825Captain Simcirrusnature"The Royal New Zealand Air Force"
September 200821JustflightNaki"Back to basics"
October 200818A2APanavia"The Spirit of NZFF"
November 200820HiFi SimulationAdamski"Weather bomb"
December 200817Flight1Panavia"New Zealand aviation history"

2009EntriesSponsorBanner WinnerTheme
January 200912Captain Simdbcunnz"The beach"
February 200926ORBXIan Warren"From the inside, looking out"
March 200912ORBX/Ian WarrenNaki"World War II combat aircraft over NZ photoreal scenery"
April 200927---Ace"A photograph representing aviation in New Zealand"
May 200914CS/jastheaceAdamski"The A380"
June 200916Flight1creator2003"Snow"
July 200917Captain SimIan Warren"Mayday, Mayday, Mayday"
August 200914Justflightdbcunnz"Air traffic chaos"
September 2009---------"Your favorite FS aircraft over any photoreal scenery area in NZ"
October 200915Ian Warrenleow5263"Around the world solo in a tiny single engined plane, 1969"
November 200920jastheaceAlbatross"Boeing vs Airbus"
December 2009---------[Tauranga show]

2010 (some data lost)EntriesSponsorBanner WinnerTheme
April 20108------"Pioneer"
May 201028---Bruce448 SeanTK"This is my best screenshot this month"
June 201020---ShaneG"From the Cockpit"
July 201011---Toprob kcgb"Movie tie-in"
August 201019---HueyTeam"I love default!"
September 201020VLCAlbatross/AlisterC"Geological activity"
October 201012---Madkudu"Jackpot"
November 201012Kevin Wilkeydbcunnz"Keeping pirates from our shores"
December 201018Flight1AlisterC"A New Zealand holiday"

2011EntriesSponsorBanner WinnerTheme
January 201130JustflightNzeddy"Flying over an NZ Scenery add-on"
February 201122Vertigo StudiosSplitpin"Crop dusting or an Ag aircraft anywhere in NZ"
March 201125A2ABrendan"Any flightsim aircraft flying between 100ft and 2000ft above ground anywhere in NZ"
April 201121Captain SimDbcunnz"Any FS Aircraft heading to the Classic Fighters 2011 Airshow at Omaka"
May 201133CarenadoConnor"Any small GA non-military aircraft flying anywhere in NZ"
June 2011 Special54Justflight *2Naki"Any military or warbird aircraft in military colours flying anywhere in NZ"
July 201140Flight1matt_lovich"Any prop or turboprop multi-engine non-military aircraft flying anywhere in NZ"
August 201130Captain SimCharl"Any cargo aircraft flying anywhere in NZ"
September 201132Aerosoft *2deeknow"Flying through the valleys, gullies and gorges of NZ"
October 201132A2AScaber"A high-flying bird's eye view over NZ"
November 201130CarenadoAdamski"Under 50ft AGL or ASL on short finals but before touchdown into any airfield in NZ"
December 2011 Special19Justflight *7Splitpin"Christmas in New Zealand"

2012EntriesSponsorBanner WinnerTheme
January 201232Flight1Splitpin"Seaplanes, floatplanes or amphibian aircraft anywhere in NZ"
February 201219Captain SimAdamski"The Freebies"
March 201224AerosoftDeeknow"RNZAF 75th Anniversary - any RNZAF aircraft used in the last 75yrs"
April 201237A2Adbcunnz"Stormy weather"
May 201219CarenadoIan Warren"Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!"
June 2012 Special31Justflight *4Toprob"Wintertime"
July 201228Flight1Timbo"Spotting a small NZ town or city through a hole in the clouds"
August 201224Captain Simalan2"Visiting small private or topdressing strips"
September 201221ORBX07moffata"Volcanos and glaciers of New Zealand"
October 201228PCAviatorAdrianBrausch"Coastal and beaches"
November 201216A2AIan Warren"Bugger - that wasn't supposed to happen!"
December 201227JustflightSplitpin"Red"

2013EntriesSponsorBanner WinnerTheme
January 201326Carenadocreator2003"Up and away"
February 201321PCAviator07moffata"Photoreal"
March 201319Vertigo StudiosMynameisnemo"Knights of the sky"
April 201320Flight100rick00"Moon"
May 201318Captain SimSplitpin"Biplanes"
June 201326JustflightSplitpin"Fixed, non-retractable undercarriage aircraft"
July 201334A2Agoingboeing"Any aircraft with twin tails"
August 201335PCAviatorBobL"'T' tails"
September 201332AerosoftBugdani"A view from the aircraft or helicopter pilot seat"
October 201322CarenadoToprob"Single-engine fixed-pitch prop GA aircraft"
November 201329RealAirScaber"Any NZ registered aircraft"
December 201324JustFlightBobL"White"

2014EntriesSponsorBanner WinnerTheme
January 201423Captain SimNaki"Your favourite Aircraft"
February 201423PCAviatordbcunnz"Unusual attitude"
March 201429A2AAdrian Brausch"Low and slow"
April 201426CarenadoRoelio"International flight above 15,000ft arriving or departing NZ on a beautiful clear day"
May 201431Flight1Toprob"NZ domestic passenger air services"
June 201419JustflightTimmy74"Forced landing"
July 201424Captain SimToprob"Up and over"
August 201420GodzoneNaki"Flying Godzone Real New Zealand scenery (payware or feeware)"
September 201430A2Auksnapper"Open to anything in NZ"
October 201421Carenadogregb"Barnstormers"
November 201428Flight1SeanTK"Ugly aircraft"
December 201428PCAviatorTimmy74"Bush plane"

2015EntriesSponsorBanner WinnerTheme
January 201522JustflightBobL"Night landing or take-off"
February 201518Captain SimSplitpin"Unusual occurrence"
March 201527AerosoftBugdani"The closest airfield or airport to your home"
April 201519A2AScaber"ANZAC"
May 201523VirtualcolBugdani"At the gate, on the ramp or at parking "
June 201519CarenadoOlderndirt"Aerobatics!"
July 201517Flight1steelsporran"The outer islands of New Zealand"
August 201521JustflightSplitpin"You can pick your own theme for this month"
September 201518Captain SimAdamski"A New Zealand historical flight"
October 201514Flight1sonnyj"What the hell was that?"
November 201517A2ANaki"Aircraft with an animal name"
December 201514FlysimwareSonnyj"It must be from a movie scene"

2016EntriesSponsorBanner WinnerTheme
January 201616VirtualcolSplitpin"Trainers - military & civil - jet, turboprop & piston"
February 201617Carenadodbcunnz"A wild ride"
March 201617MilvizAdamski"Air freighters"
April 201621JustflightIan Warren"Clouds"
May 201617Captain SimAdamski"How low can you get?"
June 201614A2Agregb"Formation"
July 201613Flight1scaber"Glider soaring"
August 201615Flysimwaredbcunnz"From inside the cockpit"
September 201615CarenadoCharl"Hydro dams"
October 201617MilvizBobL & bruce488"Any aircraft with a radial engine"
November 201618JustflightNaki"Undercarriage"
December 201617Captain SimSplitpin"First flight of the day"

Click on the month/year link to view the complete topic, the banner winner link to view the banner and on the theme winner link to view the theme winning shot.

2017EntriesSponsorBanner WinnerTheme WinnerTheme
January 201712A2AAdamski---"Sea, sun and sand"
February 201716AlabeoSplitpin---"Just in time"
March 201710Flight1Adamski---"It's a jungle out there!"
April 201710FlysimwareBobL---"That's not good!"
May 201714CarenadoSplitpin/ToprobAdamski"Bucolic bliss / Relaxingly rural"
June 201713MilvizBugdaniSonnyJ"High wing"
July 201716JustflightGregbAdamski"If I were a rich man!"
August 201713Captain SimBugdaniBugdani"On the Edge"
September 201711A2ASplitpinHasegawa"Over the Hump"
October 201713AlabeoToprobSeanTK"So Frenchy!"
November 20177Flight1AdamskiAdamski"Autumn over the Baltic"
December 201713FlysimwareSplitpinSplitpin"Floats or Skis"

2018EntriesSponsorBanner WinnerTheme WinnerTheme
January 201812CarenadoBobLExANZEng"STOL in New Zealand"
February 201817MilvizAhunterHelifan123"CAMO"
March 201820JustflightGsndeKiwi1spad"Heavy Metal"
April 201818Captain SimToprob/AdamskiAdamski"Dusk"
May 201814A2ASplitpinSplitpin"Water Wings"
June 201813AlabeoAdamskiAdamski"Reflections"
July 201812Flight1SplitpinChopper_Nut"Unsung Heroes"
August 2018[13]FlysimwareSplitpinCharl"Open Cockpits"
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