Fox Moth

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Fox Moth

Postby jankees » Tue Dec 05, 2023 9:11 am

ImageÙVL(0001) by JanKees Blom, on Flickr

ImageÙVL(0006) by JanKees Blom, on Flickr

ImageÙVL(0004) by JanKees Blom, on Flickr

ImageÙVL(0002) by JanKees Blom, on Flickr
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Re: Fox Moth

Postby deeknow » Tue Dec 05, 2023 11:06 am

Nice Jan !!! :wub: saw the announcement for this, will defo pick up the base model, it has one of the orange ZK-??? liveries with it yeah?
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Re: Fox Moth

Postby emfrat » Tue Dec 05, 2023 1:08 pm

This is exactly how my little patch of Queensland looked, a fortnight ago - dry and very brown. Then we had some 30mm of steady rain and now it's all nice and green again :)
Bit of a challenge for the scenery devs, though :wacko: :lol:
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Re: Fox Moth

Postby Splitpin » Tue Dec 05, 2023 6:15 pm

What a beautiful little aircraft JK...Great screens.
One of these was painted in Royal blue for the Price of Wales.
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