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PostPosted: Fri Dec 05, 2008 12:24 pm
by ardypilot
This new sub section is a logical next step for us- with the thousands and thousands of aviation photographs posted here over the last few years, we've decided that we needed a place where they can all easily be found and viewed without having to scroll through 60+ pages to find a particular thread that you may have been trying to find.

So, what we've done is scour through the main Real World Aviation section, move all the posts featuring plane spotting photos, airshow reports, air to air shoots, and in-flight logs with aerial photographs, into this new 'library' section. (Thats 15 pages worth, or 294 topics as of December 2008.)

Now, all you guys need to remember when posting a new topic is, that if the main content of your thread contains aviation related images, or you have a question about spotting locations, camera types etc. then it belongs here.

However, if you are posting a thread about a major aviation incident, say a crash landing or newly registered aircraft that you happen to have a photograph of, and you know will create much discussion- then that still belongs in the Real World Aviation section.