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Postby ardypilot » Fri Dec 28, 2007 11:26 pm

First and foremostly, make sure that the addon that you wish to review has some connection to a New Zealand aviation/simulation theme, as per the topics that fill the rest of this forum! State this connection in your review so that it is clear to the reader.

For aircraft, talk about the exterior model, interior VC, flight dynamics and programmable systems, overall quality, framerate performance, and anything special that stands out. You can also mention the history of the aircraft, its role in the real world, how similar it appears to it’s real world counterpart, and what makes it attractive to you as a simmer.

For scenery, talk about location, coverage area, define included elements (mesh resolution, photoreal textures, custom landclass etc.), airport facilities, detail of modeling, overall quality, framerate performance, and anything special that stands out. As with the aircraft review guidelines, you can also mention the history of the scenery area, compare real world to the simulator and explain what makes it attractive to you as a simmer.

Summarize your article by highlighting what you believe to be the positives and negatives of the product, your overall opinion and ‘star’ rating out of five (After the final paragraph, copy one of the following images into your post to make your rating clear)

Always state in the title of your review whether the addon you are writing about is either Freeware or Payware (commercial). At the end of your article, post a link to the download page where it is available from, or the product page where users may purchase it from.

Remember the target audience you are writing your review for, NZFF simmers of mixed abilities, so don’t make your article either too basic or too complex, and take the time to explain any technicalities you are discussing. is a great source of background information if you need to do some research- but be sure to cite your sources at the end of the article. This includes any real world photographs which you may include in comparison with simulator screenshots.

After you post your topic, a moderator will check that it is up to our quality standards (by adhering to the above rules), before other members will be able to read and reply to your articles.

Thank you for your contribution! :D
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Postby gojozoom » Fri May 28, 2010 12:02 pm

Sorry Trolly, I sent my one in 2 times,as I was dumb enough to ignore the guidelines....
Please ignore the second one.
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Postby ShaneG » Wed Jun 23, 2010 1:05 am

Same here, sorry. sad.gif
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