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Postby toprob » Fri Mar 07, 2008 9:01 pm

This crops up often enough for me to spell out what I'd like to see here on NZFF. Too often a keen promoter will sign up to NZFF and post an announcement of their upcoming event. I appreciate that they may want to gain as much support for their event or whatever, but I don't really see this as acceptable. For me, this is as impersonal as dropping a flier in my post box, and goes against the community nature of the forum.

However, this doesn't mean that you can't promote your venture, it just means that first you need to get involved in the forum:) Why not start by approaching forum members who are already involved to report on your event? You may also do your own reports if you wish, but the main requirement is that you participate in the forum.

If we know who you are, and respect your opinion, then we are more likely to allow enough leeway to promote whatever you want. Within the rules, of course:)
If you do wish to promote something, it is more appropriate to approach one of the relevant moderators and ask them if what you intend to do is acceptable, or ask them to post a news item on your behalf. Getting back to the post box analogy, this is more like getting a friend to knock on my door and introduce you. You'll get a much better reception.
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