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Postby ardypilot » Mon Dec 18, 2006 9:17 pm

This sub forum is pretty much what the name suggests it is, a place to discuss any issues related to the NZFF forum community, relating to both the cyber side of things (the website itself), and the real world side of it, our members.

If you have something that is worrying you, or you want to compliment someone and sing their praises, this is the place to do it.

The three administrators and myself will be moderating the posts here, so if you have something important to share, you now know where to write it.

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Postby toprob » Tue Jan 25, 2011 1:07 pm

There are still too many threads which get out of hand because someone objects to a post, and posts in reply. If you read something which you find offensive, it probably breaks our rules, so report it to a moderator! Don't reply at all, as this is the quickest way to get a thread spiralling out of control. There have been a number of out-of-control slanging matches lately, any one of which could have been prevented by just one person messaging a moderator and saying, hey, this is a bit offensive, please delete it.

Lately this forum seems to have been the focus of an on-going feud between people who have come here because they have been thrown out of every other forum for peddling their craziness. They are not welcome any more. Those involved who are long-time members of NZFF will receive a PM which explains what this means, and we are happy to have them remain as members, provided they abide by the rules.

Those who have joined up here simply to fuel this feud should leave now. There will be absolutely no discussion of this in the future. To this end, the rules will be strictly enforced, particularly those relating to personal attacks. Be aware that some issues need a lot of tact, such as piracy. Members should be able to discuss issues like this, but any accusations about who is to blame will not be tolerated.

If you think I'm putting a lot more emphasis on the forum rules, you are right; too may members have got away with too much lately, which has damaged NZFF, not to mention put my business and livelihood at risk, and sucked the fun out of flightsim.

So I'm back with a vengeance.

Moderators -- if you are unable to spend the appropriate amount of time moderating your forums, please let the admin know and we'll find a replacement.
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