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FS2004 Retro AI for NZ

Postby Pete1800ftmin » Wed Aug 12, 2020 8:56 am

Hi there one and all.
I recently rediscovered an old file I had downloaded some years ago,for FS2004, called 'NZ Retro Air Traffic' 1 and 2'. (retro_ai1.zip) (retro_ai2.zip).
I am currently building New Zealand up in the sim again,and am enjoying adding all the great airports by Lawrie Roache,and also meshes and landclass etc.
However,when I opened the zip files for the retro packages,I noticed there were instructions to download a few extra AI aircraft,that being 'McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30, file name (evdc103.zip) Boeing 737-200 Twinjet, file name ( aia732bl.zip)..AI Aardvaark Boeing 747-200 filename……(aia742pw.zip) and AI Aardvaark Boeing 727-200 filename…… (aia722p2.zip).
The retro packages came with the F27,DC8 and Bristol freighter all ready to go in the package and these work fine,its just the other models that werent included in the package I cant seem to find online to make a complete set,and the ones i have found..i.e ( aia732bl.zip)...when I add the textures that WERE included in the Retro 1 and 2 package, there wasnt any copy and pasteable cofig text to add to the cfg file in the package...[fltsim.XXX]etc...
Im totally over the moon with the F27's,DC8's and Bristol freighters,but would really like to find a way to get the whole package working ..especially the 737's...
To cut a long story short,or maybe a long story slightly less long :thumbup: ...
Does anyone have or know where to access those FS2004 AI Retro packages as a complete working package,or who could maybe send me a copy of there config text file to add to the aircraft cfg to get the models I have found to work?........
Thank you all very much..........
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Re: FS2004 Retro AI for NZ

Postby ZK-LGD » Sat Aug 15, 2020 11:59 am

Gi'day Pete,

You have mail.
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