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logbook shot,

Postby hasegawa » Mon Dec 19, 2022 2:15 am

I have a problem here for which no solution can be found on the Internet. On a trip via Iceland, Greenland, Canada, Newfoundland to Bangor in Maine, totally crazy times were written in the logbook. All flights were recorded. None is missing. But I didn't warp across the North Atlantic in 4:56, but with my Piper Seneca V (Carenadxo) I need little more. it was like that for the whole tour. Played around a bit and looked at what is happening with the timer under the navigation data, and this seems to be the problem. The timer on the plane works, the timer on the simulator doesn't. He starts briefly and stops for unknown reasons. But the values ​​of this thing are entered in the logbook as it stands. The notes on the recent changes to MSFS say the geniuses "fixed" something. For me the effect is negative.If necessary, can you kill the logbook and with a "fresh" logbook, you have decent values ​​again?
The almost 450 hours are gone, but what the heck. That's not how it works at all. I'm really fed up.Or is there an external logbook that works and can be used to clean up such murx? It's an old war disease. People have been bothered with such things since FS 2004.
Thank you in advance for any useful information.
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