XP-12 thinks I'm Somewhere Else

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XP-12 thinks I'm Somewhere Else

Postby rocky289 » Fri Nov 11, 2022 4:56 pm

Using XP12 I've been trying the different departures & approaches listed in the G1000 for NZCH
I've been using the SR22.
I'm running into a problem, most likely of my doing.
Here is an example.
I take off on RWY 02 using any of the 4 listed departures.
Clear the end of the route.
Turn back & choose any one of the approaches.
Land the plane without any issues.
No problems up to this point.
It's when I go to set up another departure, the sim thinks I'm either at NZRT or NZWL.
Haven't found a way around it yet.
I have to restart the sim to make it go away.
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