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NZFF Banner Gallery - Member Biographies

Postby Adamski » Thu May 21, 2020 4:37 pm

Want to know more about our banner members? Here you go!
If any members that have already "featured" wish to add an entry here retrospectively, please PM Doug or myself.

"Chopper Nut" (Nick Bates) - March 2019


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"Aharon" (Aharon Dayan) - June 2020

I live in Israel and have been flight simming with FSX for about 14 years. Flying for about 15 virtual airlines logging thousands of flight hours on Vatsim while producing beauty of millions of screenshots to bring joy to all of you the viewers.

Here is screenshot of MY VERY FIRST flight on FSX 14 years ago where I could not figure out how to taxi my 777 to gate!!


"Thanks to NZFF forum members for providing me with valuable education on the history of commercial New Zealand aviation."
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