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Re: MS Flight Sim in 2020

Postby Charl » Fri Oct 11, 2019 4:33 pm

Thanks again R88, for posting these links.
I am signed in to Insider, and have yet to see a video stream satisfactorily.
Be REALLY interesting to see what performance is required from your simbox and peripherals, to make this one fly.
I am of course talking from YEARS of wannabe experience with MSFS whose performance never failed to disappoint on the day.
But I am happy to be delighted... it looks good enough to excite even the most jaded old flightsimmer.
Robin there is no question that this is the one to develop for, perhaps the last shot ever?
Wow that sounds ominous, but really: who is going to go up against this juggernaut?
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Re: MS Flight Sim in 2020

Postby Radar88 » Fri Oct 11, 2019 4:37 pm

toprob wrote:
Radar88 wrote:Are you willing to participating in the Insider program flighting and signup for Tech Alpha and completed the Survey to enable registering for the early versions of the Game and participate in early test phases?

Yes, I have signed up, but I suspect that my current system specs will mean that I won't be accepted early. I originally meant to wait until there was a working SDK, which is pretty much how it worked with FSX -- I became a beta tester when the SDK became available, as that was my main focus. I didn't take much notice of the other aspects, which was probably a mistake -- the first thing I'll check with the new sim is the 'Whenpuapai' spelling which I forgot to report in the FSX beta, and we've been stuck with ever since:)

If I am not able to get on the alpha test initially, I may approach them as a developer, as they have shown an interest into talking with a lot of developers.

Good to hear, all that sounds great it's likely you maybe a good contender for the early Tech Alpha on checking out how the new Flight Sim would perform on a lower spec system. Which the Microsoft Flight Simulator Team want to learn about how they can support. They are not so much focused on XBox development at this stage, they are wanting to support the existing Flight Sim Community PC systems before launching across to a much wider and newer Xbox gaming generation of audience.

Would recommend checking out Froogle's lastest clip Microsoft Flight Simulator - Answers where he comments at the start about system specs and timed from 11:00 he comments about the FSX legacy model and media confusion over backwards compatibility with FSX. Listen to the Q&A Team panel member response. Also timed @ 12:46 Froogle comments on 3rd Party Support and SDK's. Listen to the Microsoft Flight Simulator Team Head, Jorg Neumann response. Where he comments that 3rd party Developers like yourself can likely make Airport scenery better than the current Procedural Generation data scenery of what they have available and they want to work with people like yourself. This is can only be all good news for 3rd party Scenery Developers like yourself to get on board with right from the get go.
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Re: MS Flight Sim in 2020

Postby MichaelBasler » Fri Oct 11, 2019 8:12 pm

toprob wrote:Yes, I have signed up, but I suspect that my current system specs will mean that I won't be accepted early.

I doubt they'll select people with the "best" systems but rather a representative profile of different systems from weak to high-end. Of course, I applied, too.

I am pretty sure MS/ASOBO will contact developers at a point to show them where will be room for their contributions and provide them a preliminary SDK or something similar. If I were you, I would try to get in contact with them and tell them you would be interested in developing for MFS (given you are :wink2: )

Kind regards, Michael
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