Landing at Neils Beach

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Landing at Neils Beach

Postby toprob » Mon Jan 09, 2017 1:10 pm

"We detect that your video might be shaky. Would you like us to stabilise it?"

No thanks, YouTube, it's meant to be that way!

I was planning to do a landing video at the airfield up the road from here, but I got side-tracked. (Or lost.) This is just a recorded replay, which I wouldn't normally do, and I discovered during this recording that the EZDOK cameras won't work in replays, so I was stuck in over the nose view, but it worked out ok. However it doesn't show the nice EZDOK Horizon Hold feature, or the snazzy camera shifts.

Calmer than normal crosswind, after a wild week. This shows the EZDOK shake, which I like a lot, plus I've just tried the Ultimate Realism Pack 1.01 settings for PTA, which may or may not be better than my previous settings, yet to make up my mind.

One things I leaned this week, you don't try new PTA settings without first resetting the monitors 'magic angle' setting are lying in bed watching TV...

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Re: Landing at Neils Beach

Postby Ian Warren » Mon Jan 09, 2017 1:27 pm

B-) Good timing , I've been working on adding to the New Zealand Photo Real threads here , A2A , SOH and NZ proboards, NZ Taieri was a recent edit I'm working on , but to have this video added and the Taieri video added, links at the bottom for the international sites , that will really give it a this scenery a real heave ho. B-)
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