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Shower water

Postby Splitpin » Tue Sep 11, 2018 8:53 pm

Yes, Shower water...again.
Finally got the grass under control this afternoon, as well as the neighbors street frontage on both sides.... (just the kind of guy I am) :) regardless of the fact that they are both really nice ladies, with no mower .... but, I digress.

Did the mowing, came inside for a juice, and then a shower. Ran the water for about 2 mins to get it hot (old plumbing here) Subjected myself to 5 or so minutes of Chlorine and soap/ shampoo, and emerged ....thinking.
Thinking about an article I read on "stuff" just yesterday, about a Chinese company right here in NZCH, pumping millions of liters of our water, from aquifers deep below the plains, and paying next to NOTHING for it ...putting next to NOTHING back into the local economy, and making millions by selling it back to us...WHY can't I shower/cook in that water??

Put the question to the council reply as yet, but when I get one, I will let you know ...but don't hold your breath :wink2:
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