Treasure in the junk shop

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Treasure in the junk shop

Postby Splitpin » Sun May 27, 2018 8:07 pm

Wheeling and dealing on trademe a lot at the moment ..while looking for work.
But, it's odd ... trademe can actually drag you backwards ie: underselling, messing up freight costs, not factoring in "success fees" I've learnt a lot about the world of second-hand dealing.
I believe the old saying "one man's rubbish is another man's treasure" ...just have to be careful how you upsell it.

It's odd what people want ...for example, I found a lovely 1940's piece of pottery from Devon (UK) condition, all the marks checked out ...similar thing on eBay for 25 UK pounds (I paid $3.00) put it out there at $10.00 start price ....... nothing! not a nibble..... anyway, my brother flicked me an Italeri 1/48 scale AC-130 kit ...not bagged, loose bits, rough old box ....put it on for $60.... instant response, and sold it for a nice profit B-)

But I'm going off the subject sorry, today I, for some unknown reason stopped to have a look around a second-hand paint place.
Anyone familiar with Christchurch may recall the section on the corner of Ensor's road and Ferry ...there used to be a big old concrete boat behind a fence there for years.

Its a dump really, but as I walked in I noticed two 40 foot containers off to one side, and walked in.
Sitting the very end of one of these was this small old guy with long grey hair and beard wrapped in a blanket(bloody cold here today)
I greeted him and started the almost mandatory conversation about the weather ...well.... 45 minutes later I had to stop one of the most stimulating conversations I've had for years.
We covered everything from Religion, local politics, world peace, animal welfare ...and parted agreeing on why isn't fluoride thorium (in a reactor) being pushed as an alternative fuel source.

I left with a little porcelain cat figurine for my partner's collection ($1.00) but a whole lot richer for spending 45 minutes with this old guy.

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