Golden Jubilee Airshow Christchurch in March 1987

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Golden Jubilee Airshow Christchurch in March 1987

Postby Splitpin » Wed Jul 08, 2020 7:31 pm

I just wanted to move this away from Aharon's screen post (DC-8)
Radar.... what a great link, I remember now, it was a great day. Was that the day an Andover blew a tire, before or after its display?
I remember the Aussie F-111 doing his pass, and the RAAF Hornet doing a high AOA pass and then going vertical ....and all this with regular commercial traffic in between.... like the ANZ 737 doing a short take-off and max climb ... it's all coming back, I took lots of photos, but sadly all lost now.

Tell me more about your "tiki tour "
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Re: Golden Jubilee Airshow Christchurch in March 1987

Postby Radar88 » Tue Jul 14, 2020 11:23 pm

Hey Marty

It's a stretch now on the old memory of the Tiki tour convoy group of aircraft down from Associated Aviation Kapiti NZPP. I can just recall the Airshow flight line on the Western side of NZCH where the Aero Club is based now-days and also recall seeing the Aussie F-111 doing his pass. The Aussies always came over for the Summer Airshows during the 80's remember doing another Tiki tour up to Ardmore NZAR for an Airshow a few years before in March 1985 when it did the low level run along the runway, pulling away wings swept back with the variable-sweep wings and the afterburner glowing out the back as it pulled it's high speed manoeuvre up and away, that was an amazing sight.

Vaguely remember the late March Saturday being a typical NZCH warm dry nor'wester.

Our Associated Aviation aircraft Tiki tour convoy headed back to NZPP via Nelson on the Sunday making a brief refueling stop, while there one our party met up with Air Race participant George Kepper who flew the Piper PA-46-310P Malibu N2482Y which had just been re-positioned back to Nelson. I recall getting the opportunity to have a look over and sit inside the Malibu while George gave us a brief overview of the Malibu with it's executive club style seating, it was a very newish at the time and had quite a flash interior for a single engine pressurized cabin.

The year prior in 1986, I attended the Nelson Aviation College NAC at Motueka airfield, doing the CPL Theory Subjects with the late Walter Wagtendonk and Andy Smith. This might interest you while doing my CPL courses at NAC in 1986.

I had a once in a life time opportunity to visit an "Aladdin's Cave" of historic planes that belonged to John Smith. I must be one of only a few to get a privileged chance to visit John Smith as he was extremely reclusive but since it was only a small group of us from the NAC doing our Commercial Pilots Course.

After some convincing, he let us have a look around his barn of a hanger, that was to somewhat say as being out in the woop woop's back of Mapua in the middle of no-where, west of Nelson.

I'd never seen anything quite like this before it was an amazing sight to behold, at the time I recalled thinking how the hell did he manage to get all these bits and pieces of aircraft into a large barn shed out in the woop woop's with a real big as life green WW2 Mosquito just sitting out of place in there.

I recall climbing up and sitting in his WW2 Mosquito with it's immaculate cockpit condition, It was very polished and dust free inside from being stored in a barn. It was like stepping back into a by-gone era with all the original gauges dials etc.

We all thought that John Smith use to go and sit up inside the Mosquito cockpit tinker around and daydream about that by-gone era. It was simply an amazing cockpit to sit in if only for a few brief minutes that I had inside the Mosquito cockpit.

I recall seeing that he also had a Hudson Bomber sitting tucked away in the back in a state of disrepair at the time.

Which brings me to this Stuff news article that I just spotted today.

It might be of some interest in reading about what's about to happen with this WW2 Mosquito Treasure trove of hidden historic planes, including rare WWII Mosquito, to see the light


PS this might also be of interest New Zealand Airshow History Timeline from the 80's
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