Aerosoft DC8-50 released for P3D4

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Aerosoft DC8-50 released for P3D4

Postby cowpatz » Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:21 am

The cockpit looks very nice and I am looking forward to using the Carousel INS unit. External texturing looks a little dull and lacking in resolution but acceptable..(no bump mapping?)
I will wait for a while to let the bugs get ironed out before jumping in.
As always seems to be the case these days the videographer drowns out any aircraft sounds with music. A shame as the sounds have been produced by TSS.
I also hope the exhaust effects can be tweaked because the 8 was a smoker.


* Simulation of a 50 series DC-8 passenger airliner with a focus on normal procedures
* 3D model of the exterior with animated flight surfaces, reversers, landing gear, four exits and two cargo doors
* Virtual cockpit model with detailed simulation of instruments and controls at the pilot’s, first officer’s, and flight engineer’s positions
* In-depth simulation of more than 10 aircraft systems
* Visual rain effects on cockpit windows using TrueGlass technology by TFDi
* P3D V4 version includes dynamic landing, taxi, and ground floodlights that illuminate objects
* Cockpit lighting including main panel, pedestal, and engineer’s panel floodlights, dome light, panel back lighting, and instrument gauge lighting
* Instrument gauge lighting has four selectable levels of intensity
* Engine and other sounds by Turbine Sound Studios including start-up external air cart sound
* Radar display showing terrain with three ranges selectable
* Loader utility to add and remove passengers, cargo and fuel
* Detailed engine simulation with accurate EPR readings to set power for takeoff, climb and cruise
* Detailed performance tables to determine V speeds, power settings, takeoff trim, manoeuvre and stall speeds, and more
* Custom icing code will cause airframe ice accumulation to increase drag and degrade lift while de-icing will gradually remove effects of ice
* INS waypoints may be manually inserted, or simply by loading a standard FSX flight plan
* INS simulation is very detailed with random drift, DME updating, realistic or fast alignment and more
* A cold and dark state is available at any time using the pop-up loader utility

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Re: Aerosoft DC8-50 released for P3D4

Postby Naki » Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:40 pm

Air NZ/Teal livery on release?
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