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Support for Timmos FSX photoreal scenery projects from the VisualiseIT project

Postby Timmo » Mon Oct 01, 2007 3:50 pm

VisualiseIT is the noun used to describe scenery created by Tim Barnes (me!) and should allow easier searching and referencing of my work. It is a name similar in principle to Robin Corns' 'RealNZ' although my work will continue to be free of charge.

Ill be establishing a website of my work to showcase what ive done, what I can do and what I plan to do. That website is intended to serve mainly as an addition to my C.V. and showcase the results that are possible for commercial Geovisualisation projects.

This forum is intended for specific information about scenery and additions that I have made for FSX. Please feel to ask questions, post requests etc on this forum.


Tim 'Timmo' Barnes

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