Stuff that we eat....

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Stuff that we eat....

Postby Fozzer » Tue Apr 07, 2020 2:09 am

As a diner of typical English food (Roast Beef + Yorkshire Pudding and Veg)...
..and occasionally a home-prepared Indian Curry for a Supper treat...

One thing I could never stomach is...

....A "Chinese Meal"...!

The stuff that these folk consume always terrifies me!
A trawl through the undefinable ingredients they contain defies logic!

...maybe some sauteed; "Corona Bat"..with Noodles?

There's nothing safer than staying at home and doing "Home Cooking" with stuff that you know, and where it came from!

...which is what I do, every day!

Hopefully now, during the lockdown, more folks with learn how to cook; "proper family meals".

Paul.... :D ...!
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