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Now the the "Snowman's FlightSim Addons" website is gone, both the FS9 and FSX Static Objects Library files are no longer available, and both were only available on the website, and nowhere else.
This is not a problem for FS9, as i no longer build scenery for FS9.
It is, however, a problem for some ( not all) of my FSX sceneries.
My FS9 sceneries relied heavily on objects from this library, but not so my FSX ones, in fact some of my FSX sceneries use nothing at all from the SOL, using only included custom objects, objects from the free VLC libraries, and some default FSX SP2 objects.
Following is a list of addon object sets that will cover all objects needed for my FSX sceneries done so far, that used objects from the SOL.


ez_uk_buildings_v2_dxt1.zip Colin Green.
lights_ss_v2.zip Sidney Schwartz.
fs9rafcontroltowers.zip Ted Andrews.
fs9rafhangers.zip Ted Andrews.
fs2004_raf_building_textures.zip Ted Andrews.
ez-fuel_tanks.zip Sidney Schwartz.
lens_ez_wood.zip Len Hickman.
lfobjlib3.zip Lou Frost.
lfobjlib5.zip Lou Frost.
lfobjlib5fix.zip Lou Frost.
bunch_o_signs.zip Steve Ziegler.
small_airport_objects_2.zip Steve Ziegler.
ez_maint_platforms.zip Steve Ziegler.
ezlrghng.zip Sidney Schwartz.
lens_ez_scenery.zip Len Hickman.
parking_ss.zip Sidney Schwartz.
parking_lots_large_ss.zip Sidney Schwartz.
airport_restaurants_ss_1.1.zip Sidney Schwartz.
ezhangers.zip Dennis Waggoner.

These are all available from Avsim.com, with some also on Flightsim.com .
The filenames may vary between the 2 sites.
Install objects as per instructions contained within the zip files, or alternatively..............
Create a folder in the FSX / Addon Scenery folder and name it " Static Objects Library ".
Within that folder, create a " Scenery " folder and a " Texture " folder.
Unzip the object sets to a temporary work folder of your choice.
Move all files ending with the filename extensions .BGL or .MDL into the "Scenery" folder of the Static Objects Library.
Move all files ending with the filename extension .BMP into the "Texture" folder of the Static Objects Library.
You dont need any of the other files ending with . TXT or .XML unless you are using an object placing tool for building scenery.
Start FSX, go to the settings, and the scenery library, and add the Static Objects Library just the same as you would any other addon scenery.

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