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Postby Charl » Sun Aug 13, 2006 12:01 pm

Since we have all these fine NZ airport sceneries available, it's time to populate them with something better than Emerald Harbour Air Cessnas.
Jenks has put the pressure on by repainting HTAI Cessnas, soon to be followed by the Pipers. I'm going to start off using these and see how far we get.
First stage of the project is to
1. Assign aircraft to a home base
2. Figure out where the NZ airports are

I've chopped NZ up into 6 GA zones, and the traffic will fly with a weighting to their home zone.

user posted image

So you won't find a Z1 aircraft very often down in Invercargill (although this could be arranged by special request!). Also, GA aircraft will congregate away from the heavies like NZAA, so hopefully they'll show up where they're wanted rather than be a nuisance to the heavy iron.

NZAA,S37* 0.36',E174* 47.51',23,Auckland,Z2
NZAG,S36* 43.90',E175* 39.02',10,Matarangi,Z2
NZAH,S36* 51.45',E174* 46.04',194,Auckland,Z2
NZAP,S38* 44.37',E176* 5.06',1335,Taupo,Z2
NZAR,S37* 1.77',E174* 58.38',135,Ardmore,Z2
NZAS,S43* 54.23',E171* 47.85',299,Ashburton,Z5
NZBA,S46* 14.59',E169* 44.98',20,Balclutha,Z5
NZCB,S46* 2.39',E168* 18.69',256,Centre Bush,Z6
NZCH,S43* 29.35',E172* 32.05',121,Christchurch,z5
NZCX,S36* 47.47',E175* 30.31',13,Coromandel,Z2
NZDA,S35* 56.36',E173* 53.61',7,Dargaville,Z2
NZDN,S45* 55.66',E170* 11.89',3,Dunedin,Z6
NZDV,S40* 13.70',E176* 04.72',635,Dannevirke,Z3
NZFF,S43* 23.27',E172* 21.61',390,Forest Field,Z5
NZFI,S40* 15.40',E175* 36.22',214,Feilding,Z3
NZFJ,S43* 21.46',E170* 8.03',305,Frans Josef,Z5
NZGB,S36* 14.47',E175* 28.30',20,Great Barrier,Z2
NZGC,S46* 9.39',E168* 53.88',197,Gore,Z6
NZGM,S42* 27.69',E171* 11.40',13,Greymouth,Z5
NZGS,S38* 39.78',E177* 58.72',16,Gisborne,Z2
NZGT,S43* 54.18',E170* 7.68',1824,Glentanner,Z5
NZGY,S44* 52.28',E168* 23.84',1257,Glenorchy,Z6
NZHB,S36* 47.50',E174* 39.82',62,Hobsonville Aero,Z2
NZHK,S42* 42.80',E170* 59.11',144,Hokitika,Z5
NZHN,S37* 51.96',E175* 20.10',171,Hamilton,Z2
NZHR,S42* 33.32',E172* 49.55',1093,Hanmer Springs,Z4
NZHS,S39* 38.80',E176* 46.02',72,Hastings,Z3
NZHT,S43* 51.98',E169* 2.24',20,Haast,Z5
NZKF,S36* 24.38',E174* 35.23',110,Kaipara Flats,Z2
NZKI,S42* 25.36',E173* 36.32',16,Kaikoura,Z4
NZKK,S36* 39.10',E174* 26.05',7,Kerikeri,Z1
HZKM,S41* 14.20',E172* 06.30',28,Karamea,Z4
NZKO,S35* 27.07',E173* 49.03',573,Kaikohe,Z1

NZKT,S35* 04.20',E173* 17.12',270,Kaitaia,Z1
NZLX,S45* 12.70',E169* 22.40',752,Alexandra,Z6
NZMA,S37* 44.05',E175* 44.50',180,Matamata,Z2
NZMC,S43* 45.88',E170* 7.99',2152,Mount Cook,Z5
NZME,S37* 15.44',E175* 6.89',69,Mercer,Z2
NZMF,S44* 40.38',E167* 55.38',10,Milford Sound,Z6
NZMO,S45* 31.97',E167* 38.98',686,Manapouri,Z6
NZMS,S40* 58.40',E175* 38.02',364,Masterton,Z3
NZMW,S44* 13.86',E169* 13.75',991,Makarora,Z6
NZMY,S36* 50.73',E174* 47.11',7,Mechanics Bay,Z2
NZNE,S36* 39.40',E174* 39.27',210,North Shore,Z2
NZNP,S39* 00.47',E174* 10.74',97,New Plymouth,Z3
NZNR,S39* 27.95',E176* 52.20',6,Napier,Z2
NZNS,S41* 17.89',E173* 13.25',16,Nelson,Z4
NZNV,S46* 25.01',E168* 19.24',7,Invercargill,Z6
NZOA,S44* 29.19',E169* 59.15',1381,Omarama,Z6
NZOH,S40* 12.39',E175* 23.20',164,Ohakea,Z3
NZOM,S41* 32.46',E173* 55.34',98,Omaka,Z4
NZOP,S38* 01.35',E177* 18.43',25,Opotiki,Z2
NZOU,S44* 58.29',E171* 4.87',98,Ouamaru,Z6
NZOX,S36* 8.77',E175* 25.11',10,Okiwi,Z2
NZP1,S43* 22.52',E172* 30.38',161,Swannanoa,Z5
NZPH,S43* 35.58',E171* 31.88',1506,Methven,Z5
NZPM,S40* 19.23',E175* 37.02',151,Palmerston North,Z3
NZPN,S41* 20.92',E173* 57.40',138,Picton,Z4
NZPP,S40* 54.28',E174* 59.34',22,Paraparaumu,Z3
NZQN,S45* 1.19',E168* 44.32',1175,Queenstown,Z5
NZRA,S37* 48.27',E174* 51.59',13,Raglan,Z2
NZRC,S46* 53.96',E168* 6.11',285,Oban,Z6
NZRI,S44* 5.12',E171* 24.63',279,Rangitata,Z5
NZRO,S38* 6.54',E176* 19.03',935,Rotorua,Z2
NZRT,S43* 17.46',E172* 32.38',180,Rangiora,Z5
NZRU,S39* 26.90',E175* 39.53',2686,Waiouru,Z3
NZRV,S36* 48.48',E175* 5.11',427,Reeve,Z2
NZSD,S39* 19.13',E174* 18.62',946,Stratford,Z3
NZTA,S37* 28.47',E175* 37.08',26,Te Aroha,Z2
NZTG,S37* 40.19',E176* 11.77',13,Tauranga,Z2
NZTH,S37* 9.74',E175* 33.03',7,Thames,Z2
NZTI,S45* 51.60',E170* 21.50',25,Taieri,Z6
NZTL,S44* 0.29',E170* 26.49',2493,Tekapo,Z5
NZTM,S38* 50.60',E175* 15.32',650,Taumarunui,Z3
NZTN,S38* 58.10',E175* 48.82',1200,Turangi,Z3
NZTO,S38* 14.20',E175* 53.52',1221,Tokoroa,Z2
NZTT,S38* 18.20',E175* 08.82',160,Te Kuiti,Z2
NZTU,S44* 18.19',E171* 13.49',89,Timaru,Z5
NZTZ,S45* 27.75',E167* 42.02',784,Te Anau,Z6
NZUK,S44* 14.23',E170* 7.12',1575,Pukaki,Z5
NZUN,S37* 1.29',E175* 51.80',16,Pauanui,Z2
NZVL,S45* 29.40',E168* 48.72',335,Mandeville,Z6
NZVO,S38* 6.69',E176* 18.07',919,Volcanic Air Rotorua,Z2
NZWB,S41* 31.04',E173* 52.11',108,Woodburne,Z4
NZWF,S44* 43.35',E169* 14.72',1135,Wanaka,Z5
NZWG,S43* 33.05',E172* 33.15',72,Wigram,Z5
NZWK,S37* 55.23',E176* 54.85',20,Whaketane,Z2
NZWL,S43* 28.63',E172* 23.56',289,West Melton CH,Z5
NZWM,S44* 47.38',E171* 5.58',79,Waimate,Z5
NZWO,S39* 00.42',E177* 24.40',42,Wairoa,Z2
NZWN,S41* 19.62',E174* 48.30',39,Wellington,Z3
NZWP,S36* 47.25',E174* 37.81',69,Whenuapai,Z2
NZWR,S35* 46.09',E174* 21.89',131,Whangarei,Z1
NZWS,S41* 44.28',E171* 34.86',13,Westport,Z4
NZWT,S36* 49.89',E175* 40.75',7,Whitianga,Z2
NZWU,S39* 57.73',E175* 01.52',27,Wanganui,Z3
NZWV,S37* 25.80',E175* 57.12',4,Waihi Beach,Z2
NZYP,S39* 59.80',E176* 32.22',430,Waipukurau,Z3

Z1 Count 4
Z2 Count 34
Z3 Count 15
Z4 Count 8
Z5 Count 22
Z6 Count 15
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Postby Blackmagic » Sun Aug 13, 2006 9:43 pm

Couple of omissions

Pikes Point is no longer operational.

Missing from your list

Raetihi Airstrip (private) but used by Wanganui Aeroworks, has a hanger and couple of support building for crop dusting operations.

Chateau Airport, Tongariro NP - Home of Mountain Air (hint for someone to design this for FS)

Neither of these have been included by Micro$ but both are well used fields unlike NZRU which sees very little traffic if any these days.

And for a complete list try this

gives a list of all coordinates.
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Postby ardypilot » Sun Aug 13, 2006 10:13 pm

Chateau Airport, Tongariro NP

Would love to see that also, with a 3D Chateau model particually :D
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