Micro Stutters in Xplane 11 killing my experience :9

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Micro Stutters in Xplane 11 killing my experience :9

Postby buzzard2008 » Sat Jul 15, 2017 7:16 am

Heya guys just wondering if anyone has had bad micro stuttering in Xplane 11 and fixed it? If so what did you do, Ive tried lowering my sliders and messed around with different Vsync settings between Nvidia Control panel and in game, have even swithched all Vsync off in both and played in offline mode. It comes right every now and then, then it just goes back to stuttering, especially on the runway taking off its driving me balmy because its such a great looking sim but the stutters are ruining it for me. Ive been dogged by this with FSX and Prepar3d and I cant believe Im still gettin it on a 64bit game. My specs are i7 7770 GTX1050Ti 4GB and 8 GB of ddr4 ram, any help would be much appreciated. If I cant fix this I will go back to Aerofly FS2 where I,m getting around 250-300 FPS whenever and wherever I fly with awesome graphics, cant beat that lol, its a shame because Xplane is so alive with moving traffic n all, bummer man

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Re: Micro Stutters in Xplane 11 killing my experience :9

Postby kiwi_the_iwik » Sat Jul 15, 2017 5:18 pm

Hi Andy,

I've heard of a few cases of frame stuttering with X-Plane 11, and have read that the LR development team are looking into the causes (which could be down to a number of issues - for example, plugin conflicts or OpenGL problems).

The X-Plane.org forum site have a technical help section which could help to troubleshoot your case. Doing a basic topic search via the forums does give a number of responses of people with the same problem, and in doing so I found a great post that might be of benefit:

http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/fo ... nt-1205660

In the above post, "JustSid", who works for Laminar Research, has asked users with this issue to contact him so he can look into the code a bit deeper and get to the bottom of the problem. If anyone could help, then he's probably the best person you'll find! X-Plane 11 is constantly being updated, so your assistance could help others who are affected by this.

Let us know how you get on... :)


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