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Postby Christian » Thu Dec 28, 2006 9:25 pm

With an increased number of pirated copies floating around, I thought it is time for a few reminders:

a. RBE sceneries are using data worth over $100,000 which is owned by government agencies and commercial institutions.

b. Piracy doesn't just violate software copyrights, but also commercial and crown copyrights.

c. Illegal distribution of this governement owned data is strictly prohibited.

d. RBE will inform all involved partners (government and industry) of violations and partners will prosecute independently of RBE.

e. Fines will be substantial and can mean financial ruin.

We have already traced a few pirates and will continue to do so. All information will be passed on to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. I strongly suggest you have a think about what you are gambling with for the sake of saving $100. Due to our good relationship with our data suppliers we are taking a very tough stance on piracy and won't let pirates endanger the future of these kinds of flight sim add-ons.

To all our customers: Thanks very much for buying. Your support for NZ scenery is truly appreciated and will ensure that NZ has a bright flight simming future.

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