The Real NZ NZCH Prepar3d update to 1.05

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The Real NZ NZCH Prepar3d update to 1.05

Postby toprob » Tue Oct 15, 2019 3:54 pm

This has now been released, so any issues or questions just ask here.

The update itself:
This is classed as a minor fix, really, as it doesn't add anything to the scenery, it just fixes three issues -
  • The area where the City and Banks Peninsula photoscenery overlaps did have some LOD-switching which caused the image to morph as you flew over the Port Hills. This is now fixed
  • The Prepar3d v4.4/4.5 issue with Autogen Library Objects not appearing has been fixed
  • The installer should now be able to find Orbx NZSI even if you have placed it elsewhere using the new Orbx Central. There's a bit more info on this below.

The Airport-only release:
Although I've always said that I won't do airport-only versions of Real NZ photoscenery-based airports, things have moved on a bit since then, and I have had a couple of requests for this with NZCH. So this is aimed at those with Orbx NZSI who would rather see Orbx landclass outside the airport boundaries, rather than the Real NZ photoscenery. It is aimed specifically at Orbx NZSI users, but it should work with default or any other landclass as well.
This isn't a perfect solution, but I have tweaked it enough to overcome some issues. The much smaller photoscenery just surrounding the airport is now 'seasonal', which really just means that it has been tweaked to match the Orbx landclass during the different seasons -- it doesn't necessarily have real seasonal variations, it's just for show. Also, I did ponder what to do with the 2metre mesh over the airport, and decided to still include this even though it doesn't merge as well as it does with the Real NZ 5 metre Canterbury mesh. You may notice a couple of 'dips' from Orbx mesh, which tends to be a bit higher than reality. You may not ever see this, except that with shadows from a low sun you may see a pronounced shadow along the edge of the custom mesh.

I have been mulling over this sort of thing recently, with the prospect of the new Microsoft simulator it may mean that I only do airport releases in the future, as photoscenery would not be required any more. This will depend on a lot of things which we don't have any details of at the moment, including what simulators will still be supported, and whether I'll develop for the new sim.

Those who own Real NZ NZCH or purchase it now will have access to two different downloads attached to their account, the full scenery download which includes the city, Banks Peninsula and a big chunk of Central Canterbury, and the 'airport-only' release. You can download either, depending on whether or not you want the photoscenery, but you don't need both. You can still download both if you want, and the installers are designed to 'toggle' between the two different releases. That is, you can install the full scenery on top of the airport-only and it will tidy it all up, and vice versa. So you don't need to uninstall between any switch.

However, these are really the same scenery, just different photoscenery coverage, so you can only have one version installed at once! They will appear the same in the Scenery Library (or add-on lists) so there's no simple way to know which one you've got installed, except to compare the installed size. If it's smaller than 2GB, its the airport only, if it's bigger than 2GB it's the full scenery.

Orbx NZSI compatibility is trickier now that Orbx Central allows for their scenery to be installed anywhere. Previous installers just had one place to look to see if NZSI was installed, but now it needs to check elsewhere. I do believe that my coding should cover all options, but this is tricky to test so please let me know if this doesn't seem to work as intended. As always, though, you will need to reinstall Real NZ NZCH if you install Orbx NZSI at a later date. You shouldn't need to uninstall first, as the new installers have been made a bit more robust when it comes to installing more than once.

Note that the current Nelson and Dunedin installers don't have the new Orbx NZSI compatibility script, but that will come shortly.

I will add some screenshots to the product page in my Store to show the airport-only scenery, but at the moment I'm going to take a break for a bit.
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