July bonus for those who don't normally purchase Real NZ scenery

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July bonus for those who don't normally purchase Real NZ scenery

Postby toprob » Sat Jun 30, 2018 3:09 pm

During July, if you purchase Real NZ Dunedin, you'll also receive Real NZ Nelson for free. This is squarely aimed at those who are keen to fly in NZ but don''t have a lot of quality airports to choose from -- especially with FTX NZSI, with few custom airports available.
Dunedin and Nelson pair well for a flight along the length of the South Island, and also pair with FTX Queentown. This is a cheap way to get an intro to the South Island before Real NZ Christchurch is released later this year, plus the upcoming Flightbeam Wellington.
To get the bonus offer, simply purchase Real NZ Dunedin by adding it to your cart and completing the purchase process. Don't add Nelson to your cart, otherwise you'll be charged for it!
Just click on my signature banner if you can see it, otherwise click here.
If you are already a Real NZ/Godzone supporter, thanks! Please consider getting the word out to newcomers. The easiest way to do this is to 'share' the Facebook post.
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