Floating runways, sinking planes, taxiway trenches

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Floating runways, sinking planes, taxiway trenches

Postby Kiwigreg71 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 4:04 am

Sorry if this has been answered before. Keen to find a solution.

I just downloaded the new amazing VLC and some of the 2014-2015 regions.

How do I fix the prob with add on runways that make trenches when my plane moves across them / sinks under the runway, or has a ghost-runway hover over the runway my plane's on? Wellington airport is the main one that bothers me. The runway was fine with addon1 of welly, but addon2 with the airport makes the runways all weird. Haven't added welly addon3 yet.

The new dunedin and nelson airports uploads are working fine BTW. But I have floating runways at least at Glenorcy and glentanner.

This has happened be with the older realtekapo, realhokitika, real paraparaumu and the 2010 version of VLC.

Help :)
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Re: Floating runways, sinking planes, taxiway trenches

Postby toprob » Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:28 am

Nothing immediately springs to mind, but there are a few things you can check. First, the priority -- when Vector Land Class adds itself to the Scenery.cfg, it changes its priority, but if this doesn't work for some reason -- or you choose not to have it edit the scenery.cfg -- then you'll need to set the priority yourself, as explained in the manual.
Some of the airports you mentioned have elevations stubs in Scenery\world\scenery. (Not all of them, though.) It would be worthwhile checking these to make sure these airports don't have more than one stub there. I'm not sure what would affect all these airports, except if you previously had Orbx installed. (Orbx NZ changes a lot of airport elevations, so some of my installers have two different stubs, depending on whether the installer finds FTX.)

EDIT: just an afterthought, if you reinstalled the VLC airfield packs, you might end up with these airports active, rather than mine. My installers sometimes disable the VLC airfield files, so if you installed the packs later, these wouldn't be disabled. So check the VLC airfields scenery folder as well, and if any of these airports are there, move them to the inactive folder.
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