About the current Godzone 'Paypal' special

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About the current Godzone 'Paypal' special

Postby toprob » Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:49 am

I'm aware that it is the silly season, with some great flightsim bargains, but since I really only have two current products, and one of them is very new, I haven't offered any sort of deal up until now. But following the announcement that Orbx would no longer accept Paypal as a payment option, with my tongue firmly in my cheek I announced the 'Paypal' special yesterday -- buy Real NZ Dunedin using Paypal up until the end of the year, and I'll include Real NZ Nelson.

This is aimed at new customers, as most existing customers would already own at least one of these. Just one tiny concession to New Zealanders, though, if you normally pay by bank/internet transfer, then I'll extend the offer to this as well.

The initial reaction has been great, but almost completely from Germany, following the Flusinews item which translates as 'ingenious promotion by Godzone':) Yes, it's another one of Rob's cheeky digs at Orbx, but I have to get my thrills somehow...

I hope to reach some New Zealand simmers who might need a reminder that there is still some good scenery available, so please consider passing this on to anyone who might benefit.

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