Working hangar doors - not a support issue - yet

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Working hangar doors - not a support issue - yet

Postby jpreou » Fri May 10, 2019 1:51 pm

Interesting discussion on hangar doors over at ORBX and potential use case for SODE .... @toprob, you're up ... :) ... ng-hangar/
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Re: Working hangar doors - not a support issue - yet

Postby toprob » Fri May 10, 2019 2:39 pm

Ok, good timing, I'm taking a lunch break... spicy noodles, 'developer's budget lunch.'
I'd love to have working doors etc, and one day I'll do this. It is reasonably easy to do with SODE, and I already use some SODE elements -- air bridges and windsocks, for instance. But there are some reasons why I don't do hangar doors.
First of all, I only model what I can see. I've said before that I have no imagination, or artistic ability, so if I don't have a photo of it, it won't happen. There are two hangars at NZCH that I've actually see inside of, and modelled inside, the two big yellow things at the Aero Club, but there's no way in hell I'd ever be allowed to poke around inside any other hangar.
So why don't I just do the aero club hangars, just to add a bit of action? I'm not entirely sure of all this, but here's my understanding of scenery animation -- to do this, the object needs to be a simobject, the same as an aircraft or ground vehicle, as normal scenery objects can't have animation tags. Simobjects are great, but they don't work like normal objects, they can't be drawcall-batched, so they don't stay put unless they are in view, and their textures are slower to load. That's why you see black objects when you first load an airport, that drives me mad, so I drawcall-batch everything I can for instant visibility.
With the air bridges, if I drive along airside as I pass each bridge and it goes out of view the bridge will disappear, which isn't a major problem because it is behind me, but the shadow also disappears, and that may be in front of me. With big hangars, it would be more noticeable. AI aircraft behave the same, by the way.
It's worth putting up with this issue with the bridges, as they are really cool when animated, and windsocks/flags etc are small enough not to cause noticeable issues. The 'aft' bridge on Gate 30, which extends a long, long way to connect, is a bit of a nuisance, in that the bounding box which controls visibility is only the size of the unextended bridge, so that when it is extended it can just disappear at certain angles. I have tried the normal techniques to extend bounding boxes, but I can't make this work with my bridge. I may solve this, but at the moment it's on the list....
So really I'm just waiting for LM to update the way simobjects are rendered, maybe in v5?
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