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Postby Alex » Sun Jul 23, 2006 3:30 pm

Righto, here goes my attempt to explain how to get set up on the Multiplayer Online network IVAO (International Virtual Aviation Organisation). For those that don't know exactly what all the hubbub is about I'll give you a little explanation at the start.


IVAO can be found at IVAO is popular because members can experience real ATC by real people (a world better than default FS ATC). On IVAO you can choose to be a pilot, controller, or both. Flying on IVAO you will be able to see other member's aircraft, as well as recieve ATC, and real-world weather. There are world and division VFR, IFR and Special Operations Tours that you can complete. You will recieve awards and badges for certain things. To name a few; 'Division IFR Tour Award' after you complete a Division IFR Tour, 'Sailing Events Award', for gliding events, 'Division Meeting Award', for attending a real-world meet, you get the idea.

You can proceed through the ranks from a Second Flight Officer, to a Senior Flight Captain, and from a Student 1, to a Controller 3 and more. Progessing through ranks you will need to meet hour requirements, theoretical and practical exams. IVAO also has a forum at and an IRC Chat Room.


To join IVAO, go to, and click "Join IVAO!" on the menu, then select "Person" and follow the instructions. You can change all of the details later so don't loose too much sleep over what you are going to enter in the boxes. You can use any email adress in the registration (ISP, Hotmail, Gmail etc).

After you complete the registration, you will recieve a temporary ID and password email. Follow the instructions in the email to recieve your permanent ID and password. You will have two passwords; one to be used when logging into the IVAO site - the Website Password - and one to be used when logging onto the network - the Network Password.

After this step you are now a member of IVAO. :D

You can always access and update your details by clicking on the top link ("My Details") under the Services tab on the main menu.


The IVAO World is split up into divisions based on political regions. For example, the New Zealand Division, the German Division, the Canadian Division etc. The divisions are labelled with the ISO Codes, the NZ Division (duh), the DE Division (Germany) and the CA Division (Canada).

If you are not a member of the division you would like to be, or would wish to change divisions, you can change it after you are registered, so don't lose too much sleep over it. :P


IVAO creates and distributes its own software for use on its network, and is arguably second to none as it is custom-made. There are several programs available created by the IVAO Software Development Team.

IvAp - The IVAO Pilot Client. Used to connect to the network when you are planning to fly. Has Pushback and TCAS modules included. Also allows you to send a flightplan.

IvAc - The IVAO ATC Client. Used to connect to the network when you plan to control. Has multiple features, including QDM and VERA. Allows you to control aircraft efficiently and effectively.

IvAe - The Eye of IVAO. An equivilent to ServInfo. Allows you to view huge amounts of information in an easy-to-use format. Weather Info, the IVAO NavData Database, Lists of Pilots and Controllers, Friends list, map with optional satellite and weather overlay options, sorting traffic and controllers by country - to name a few.

X-IvAp - The IVAO Pilot Client for X-Plane users.

IvAi - The IVAO Interface. Allows controllers to have a tower view and radar with only one connection. Similar to PcProxy, now you can actually see the traffic you are controlling. Includes tower models.

Recently the IVAO Intercom has been released, allowing controllers to easily call each other via Skype.

Comprehensive manuals are included with all software to make getting set up and connecting as easy as possible.


A common misconception is that you need broadband to be able to connect and use IVAO properly, hundreds of users connect regularly with dial-up and use voice comms with no trouble at all. Dial-up will work fine and is a perfectly acceptable way to use IVAO. ;)

Thats really all I can think of at the moment. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in this topic, PM, or email ( If you reply in this thread, I may incorporate the question and answer into this entry, then delete your reply to keep the thread clean. ;)

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Postby Alex » Fri Dec 22, 2006 3:40 pm

Hi again,

Below is a step-by-step guide to connecting to IVAO as a pilot.
We will be using FS2004 with IvAp.

Start up FS2004 at a gate or stand at the airport of your choice. Then click on IVAO, then Start Ivap.

IvAp will then start up.

After the 'Connecting to Multiplayer Session' has disappeared, you will see that three green icons appear on the box, indicating that those three processes are working normally. The final icon (flight plan) is still red. Note that the word 'OFFLINE' is shown, indicating that we are not yet connected. Click on the 'CONN' button to connect.

After clicking on the button, the Connection form will come up, fill out your details and press 'Connect'. Any server you choose will be fine as they are all inter-connected.

Now some text will appear in the main IvAp window confirming that you are online. Next step is to file a flight plan. Click on the top right button called 'ACARS' to do this.

Click on the top right button again, this time called 'SEND FLIGHTPLAN'.

Now the flight plan form will pop up. If you are unsure what to put in a box, you can click on the button next to it, a window will pop up explaining your choices. ;)

For the aircraft type, we use the four letter/number ICAO code, if you don't know what your aircraft code is, click on the button next to 'Aircraft Type' box and a window will pop up showing you possible aircraft codes. You can sort by code, manufacturer, model and wake turbulence catagory.

In the flight plan box you can also select which type of aircraft other people will see when you are online.

When finished with your flight plan and you've had a quick check, click on 'Send FPL'. (Airways in the route are optional ;) )

Back at the main screen, the 'FPL' light will no longer be red, showing you that your flight plan has been sent. Right-click on the top-left button to see a list of nearby ATC.

At the moment there is no nearby ATC, so click normally on the UNICOM button and broadcast your intentions (i.e. Pushing back and starting up at NZWN). You can also enter the frequency in your FS radio, and it will have the same effect.

Thats about it, after you've sent your flight plan and checked for nearby ATC you can do what you usually do.
You can access all sorts of information from the ACARS section of IvAp, weather information, forecasts and controller's ATIS'.

If you need any sort of help feel free to email or PM me, or just reply in this thread. It looks quite complicated but its deceptively easy, and takes only about 5 minutes. ;)

So there are three main steps.
1. Connect
2. Send a Flightplan
3. Check for ATC
(4. Fly!)

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Postby Emanuelchristos » Mon Apr 13, 2009 11:45 am

Just a question... I only have fsx, i only got into flightsim after it was released, and do they have anything for fsx in the NZ devision.
They only give four 'mirrors' to download IvAp for fsx, and none of these is for NZ. I know this is probably a stupid question, but does it matter which 'mirror' you use?

Would it even be worth buying fs9, its only $50...
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Postby Alex » Mon Apr 13, 2009 5:42 pm

Nope, doesn't matter. It's the same program whereever you download it from. smile.gif

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